A Review on Mining Massive Datasets (I)

As I explained in my post, First Coursera Experience!, I took the “Mining Massive Dataset” MOOC at Coursera.

A Course with the same name had been presented at Computer Science Dept. of the Stanford University. The teaching team was Stanford Profs,  Jeff Ullman and Jure Leskovec, and a web entrepreneur Anand Rajaraman. The course material included a free-access book, with the same name, powerpoint slides and videos. The book is a well-organized and easy-to-read.In this book, ideas demonstrate through simple examples. I believe the book is readable enough to convince CS graduates with minimum English proficiency to persuade the book.

The course covers essential topics in the area of Mining Massive Data. It sounds like a full course dinner, starts with an introduction to MapReduce, continues with similarity issues and frequent patterns and is finalized with a short review of online advertising, recommender systems and social network analysis. Empirical examples intrigue the learners to dig into the theoretical definitions.


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